Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

Bachelor degree
48 months
Application deadlines: 1 February
Processing time: 8-12 weeks
Application fee: €55
Intakes: September
International tuition: €19,426
Domestic tuition: €5,681

Program overview

At the beginning of your Junior Freshman year, you will be invited to choose between the dual language pathway (involving the study of both Latin and Ancient Greek, and usually leading to a Single or Joint Honors degree in Classics) and the single language pathway (involving at least one year’s study of Greek or Latin, and leading to a range of Single and Joint Honors combinations in Ancient History and Archaeology, Classical Civilisation, Greek and Latin). It is possible to switch between pathways in the Senior Freshman year. Greek and Latin for non-beginners (Greek and Latin A) are designed for those who have already studied ancient Greek and/or Latin in school, and who wish to continue to read classical literature in the original languages. Beginners Greek and/or Latin (Greek and Latin B) are available to those who have not previously studied the language(s).

Study options

This program can be done
On campus