Bachelor degree
48 months
Application deadlines: January 15
Processing time: 30 days
Application fee: CA$120
Intakes: Fall
International tuition: CA$53,190
Domestic tuition: CA$6,100

Program overview

Some of the major research foci of archaeologists are the behaviour and adaptations of early hominins, diversity of hunter-gatherer societies, origins of agriculture, pastoralism, urbanism and politically complex states, the workings of ancient exchange systems, and the development of class-based and gender-based political and economic inequalities in complex societies. Working archaeologists often specialize geographically, chronologically or thematically. Classical archaeologists, for example, specialize in the cultures of the ancient Greco-Roman world, while palaeoethnobotanists explore ways that botanical residues of ancient and prehistoric cultures can inform us about their economies and social systems. The specialist, major and minor programs allow students to explore archaeology in an interdisciplinary setting. Students in the specialist or major program should consult the program coordinator or faculty members in their intended areas of specialization for advice on the selection of courses. Those intending to go on to graduate studies in departments such as Classics, East Asian Studies, Fine Art History or Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations should pay particular attention to language requirements at the graduate level. The Archaeology Specialist (Arts program) is designed for students who would like to concentrate in archaeology while drawing on the teaching resources of diverse departments. See details below. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies should combine it with study of the ancient and modern languages relevant to their primary area of interest.

Study options

Study options
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n International Baccalaureate Diploma, including English HL or SL is required for admission. Prerequisite courses can be presented at either the Standard or Higher Level. For programs with a Math prerequisite, Mathematics SL or HL is required. “Math Studies” is not acceptable. A total score of 27, not including bonus points, is required for admission consideration. Most programs require a significantly higher score. Many programs require higher scores and our most competitive programs, including Commerce and Computer Science, require a significantly higher score. If you are currently enrolled in the IB Diploma program, you must submit your predicted IB results (1-7 scale), confirmation that you are completing the full IB Diploma, a current transcript including any mid-term/mid-year results available, and complete the online self-reported grades form.

Career opportunities

Number of industry partners posting opportunities and engaged in activities like job shadowing and events - 16000; Number of positions available for students in over 1000 activities through University of Toronto's co-curricular program - 7000; Number of opportunities available in the off-campus, on-campus, volunteer, and work study job boards - 13000+ ; Number of research opportunities available for undergraduate students with faculty and off-campus research partners - 200+.

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Toronto , Canada

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