Historic Preservation (Master of Science)

Historic Preservation (Master of Science)

Master degree
24 months
Application deadlines: March 1
Processing time: 30 days
Application fee: $55
Intakes: Fall
International tuition: $31,000
Domestic tuition: $12,300

Program overview

The University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program regards historic preservation as means to acknowledge, conserve and sustain a diverse range of heritage resources that have the potential to inform and to serve current and future generations. Historic preservation is fundamentally about engaging in a conversation with the past about the future. It may provide opportunities to ask, "What can we learn from historic sites and from the built heritage of communities and places? and "How can important features of the historic environment be conserved and sustained for the future?"

Study options

Study options
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Candidates must hold at least a bachelors' degree from an accredited academic institution prior to enrollment. Because historic preservation is a field of many skills and interests, the admissions review policy maintains flexibility about applicants' previous academic studies and experience. Applications must be supported by an official transcript from each college or university attended, three letters of recommendation from persons qualified to assess the applicant's capacity for graduate work, Graduate Record Examination general test scores, a statement of purpose, and a writing sample. This writing sample must be the sole work of the applicant. It may be an independent research paper from college or, for example, a design project or other evidence of professional ability. 105 Duolingo English Test (DET)

Career opportunities

The study has shown that professional historic preservation career opportunities in the commercial sector have included jobs with cultural resource management consultants, contracting and development companies, and architectural firms. In the government sector, positions at the federal level included those with the National Park Service and various federal agencies; at state levels with state historic preservation offices (SHPOs), state transportation departments and other state agencies; and at local levels with municipal planning departments and preservation commissions. Historic preservation positions with non-profit organizations included openings with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, with statewide and local preservation advocacy organizations, with community development and main street organizations, and with historical societies and historic sites. In the education sector, a small number of preservation-related positions have been offered for faculty openings, for contract-based research, and for administration and planning jobs.

Campus location

Burlington , United States

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