Kukmin University

Kukmin University

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The KMU was established in 1946. Gu kim, Soang Jo and Ikhee Shin, who were the cabinet members of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, agreed to train great leaders for the Republic of Korea. Soon, they became the banner of Kookmin University. Ikhee Shin contributed to play a key role in its foundation and was inaugurated as the First President of the University.In 1959, the SsangYong Group bought the university to support researches and to expand the university curriculum. 22,000 colleagues are studying at the university, and 350 administrative staff are working at the university's 800 faculties. Since its establishment in 1946, approximately 60,000 students have graduated.

Entry requirements

Official secondary school records
Official test scores: SAT or ACT

GPA over 3.8
English language proficiency, if your native language is not English


Scholarship & funding

All information about scholarships you can find here.


Student life

Studying at Kukmin University will give you unforgettable student experience. Student life here holds many social and physical activities, so you won`t be disappointed.