Circuits Analysis

Advanced certificate
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Intakes: Autumn

Program overview

This course provides fundamental knowledge of circuit theory for students majoring in the given areas of specialty. It focuses on theories and methods for analysis of lumped parameter and linear circuits. By studying this course, students will learn fundamental concepts and methods in circuit analysis, and will be able to analyze linear circuits in DC, AC and transient states by using appropriate methods. Students will also learn to use software tools for circuit analysis and simulation The main content of the course includes: circuit element modeling, Kirchhoff Laws; analysis methods on linear circuits: equivalent analysis methods, superposition principle, nodal and mesh analysis method; transient responses of first-and second-order circuits; phasor methods for analyzing sinusoidal steady-state circuits; mutual inductance, transformer and three-phase circuits.

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Study options
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Official secondary school records Official test scores: SAT or ACT English language proficiency, if your native language is not English IELTS 6.0 TOEFL 80

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Beijing , China

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