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Saskatchewan, referred to as “The Land of Living Skies”, has a rich mix of history and culture. Saskatchewan became a province of Canada in 1905 and currently has 1.1 million residents.  The province is located in western Canada between the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba, and directly north of the U.S. states of North Dakota and Montana. Historically Saskatchewan’s economy was primarily associated with agriculture. Recently, however, mining and natural gas have become key facets to the economy. As such, Saskatchewan ranks second in Canada in GDP per capita by province and consistently has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada.

While in Saskatchewan, be sure to experience the many wonders of the province:

  • Experience four very distinct seasons

  • Visit some of the many lakes and natural attractions

  • Try winter sports: curling, skating or skiing

  • Witness breathtaking sunsets

  • Enjoy wide open spaces and fresh air

  • Watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky

Although Saskatchewan is the sunniest province in Canada with an average of 2500 hours of sunshine per year, the climate is varies from one extreme to another.  Saskatchewan has four distinct seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter.  It is important to learn about the weather to know how to dress appropriately and enjoy each season.

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