BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONS) in Photography and Video

BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONS) in Photography and Video

Bachelor degree
36 months
Processing time: 30 days
Intakes: September
International tuition: €7,350
Domestic tuition: €6,750

Program overview

Besides the degree’s modules, LABA will offer multiple workshops, master classes and seminars led by well-renowned artists and professionals, who will share their vision, expertise and professional secrets, and will introduce us to the most current trends in the fields of creation: 360-degree photography and videos, the minimalist image, creative provocation, after movies, mixed media, video marketing trends, etc.

Study options

Study options
This program can be done
On campus



  • DELE

Hold the Spanish Baccalaureate diploma or equivalent, or be in the process of obtaining one of these qualifications. Students are not required to complete the Spanish University entrance exams (PAU).  

Or hold an equivalent qualification:

  • PAU for students who are older than 25 years old
  • BUP+COU qualification
  • Specialist qualification (second grade vocational training)
  • International qualifications that are equivalent to the Spanish Baccalaureate and allow students to access university in their countries of origin

A B1 Spanish and English proficiency level (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is highly recommended to be able to follow and complete the course successfully. Students who do not reach a B2 proficiency level must participate in the free language courses that LABA offers before the start of the 1st term (last two weeks of September) and throughout the academic year.

Fulfil the requirements of the admission and matriculation procedures. For international students, it is important to check the specific requirements in the International Students section.  

Career opportunities

As a Photography and Video graduate, you will have access to a wide range of amazing job opportunities:

  • As a freelance professional, creating your own audiovisual production company and/or studio
  • As an independent visual artist and video maker 
  • As an art director for companies, publishers, newspapers, and media
  • As a photography director for the cinema, theatre and entertainment industries
  • In specialized areas of photography and video, including fields such as: Fashion, Industrial Design and Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Scientific and environmental communication, Communication and creativity related to travel and tourism, Cultural goods and heritage
  • In the publishing field
  • TV and cinema
  • As a marketing professional, in traditional and online media
  • As an audiovisual creative in festivals, concerts, events and live shows
  • As a communicator and trendsetter, in online media such as Youtube or Instagram

Campus location

Valencia , Italy