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Lakeside Institute

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The Lakeside Institute was founded In 2017 by Chinese teacher and entrepreneur, Sabrina Zeng. Sabrina saw how people from around the world were attracted by China’s learning and business opportunities, but were held back by language and culture barriers. She also saw a Chinese language education system that was outdated and conservative. China is changing, and Sabrina believed Chinese education should change with it.

Sabrina sought to develop a new kind of Chinese school – one that emphasizes collaboration, communication, and entrepreneurship, not just grammar and test scores. As a rising tech hub with a high livability rating and a growing population of skilled expats, Hangzhou was the perfect location for such a Chinese school. The Lakeside Institute was named after Hangzhou’s iconic West Lake.

Lakeside is more than a language school. It’s a comprehensive learning platform dedicated to building bridges between China and the world.