Prince's Gardens Preparatory Schools

Prince's Gardens Preparatory Schools

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Cognita schools provide a unique global education that goes beyond grades to develop all-around academic excellence.

Cognita prides itself on building resilient minds and encouraging positive, international perspectives.

Underpinning this is ‘The Cognita Way’ – six focal points to be present in the most successful schools: energized leadership, personalized learning, people growth, community, innovation, and brilliant basics.

Entry requirements

Complete an online registration form together with an application fee payment.

Scholarship & funding

Pupils who demonstrate academic excellence are invited to complete the scholarship assessments in January.

Scholarships can be awarded for entry to Year 3 or Year 4. The scholarship assessment consists of a written paper along with a group task.

The tasks are designed to enable the School to see each child’s potential for creativity and innovation. The atmosphere will be relaxed and friendly. References from the child’s current school will be required.

All Scholarships are awarded solely on merit and each scholarship pupil is awarded a fee remission of 20%.


Student life

A busy day school day starts when the front doors open at 8:20 am, ready to welcome pupils for a full day packed with learning and fun. The school day starts when the doors open between 8.20 am and 8.30 am, and there is a staggered end to the day with Pre-Reception and Reception finishing their day at 3 pm, Years 1 - 3 finishing at 3.30 pm and Years 4 - 6 finishing at 4 pm.