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This development of a culture that helps boys to develop healthy understandings of the many ways to be a man has required a revision of the way we think about boys’ education in general. In the past, boys’ education was thought to have purpose because of fundamentally “essentialist” assumptions about the differences between boys and girls. For example, many popular books about how to best educate boys tag into the idea that boys’ brains are somehow different than girls’ brains, and this serves as justification that in the absence of girls, teachers can cater to the unique needs of boys.

St. Andrew’s boarders enjoy a unique camaraderie outside the classroom through participation in a wide variety of structured activities, events, leadership, and outreach programs. Boys can choose to be as busy and engaged as they want to be.

The St. Andrew’s College Residential Life Curriculum is exciting and dynamic. It includes an overall character-building program to help prepare students for university and beyond as well as a health and wellness curriculum administered through our fitness program coordinator.

Entry requirements

  • Candidate Statement Form
  • Previous two years of final June report cards
  • Current year report cards (when available)
  • A sampling of certificates and awards
  • Student photo
  • Confidential School Recommendation Form

Scholarship & funding

Scholarship will be awarded to boys who demonstrate strong character; are a respected member in their school community, sports, clubs, or associations; and/or heavily involved in community service. Scholar status is not a requirement for this award; however, the student must be capable.

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