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Sup’Biotech’s curriculum is a multidisciplinary balance between science and engineering coursework (lectures, practical laboratory work and projects), management skills, industrial know-how. Students also learn about the domestic and international biotechnology markets. Sup’Biotech’s professors come from diverse training and educational backgrounds, such as universities, research centers and industry.

English is used throughout program; graduate courses are taught in English from the third year onwards. Sup’Biotech’s students are prepared for a wide range of responsibilities in various biotechnology and international corporations, working in the fields of health, cosmetics, the environment, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness.

Sup’Biotech’s five-year program includes two degree programs that correspond to the new European standards:

  • Three-year undergraduate program, leads to a Bachelor’s degree from Sup’Biotech. Upon completion of two-year graduate program, students are awarded the Biotechnology Expert diploma.
  • In graduate program, students choose a major and a minor such as Research and Development, Production or Sales and Marketing.
  • Students must complete a total of 300 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) units during their five years in order to be granted the Biotechnology Expert Diploma from Sup'Biotech.

Entry requirements

To complete application, applicants will need the following documents:

  • Copy of passport
  • CV in English
  • English certificate: IELTS > 6, TOEFL > 70 if applicants do not come from an English-speaking country

Scholarship & funding

The college itself does not offer any scholarships, however, there are government scholarships available. For detailed information click here.


Student life

Student life at Sup’Biotech is very active, with new student clubs and associations created each year.

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