High School (grades 10-11)

24 months
Processing time: 0 days
Intakes: September
International tuition: €8,050

Program overview

In Years 10 and 11, the students are asked to study 8 IGCSE/GCSE Examination Subjects, some of which are compulsory and some optional.

Compulsory Examination Subjects: English (as a First Language or Second Language), Mathematics and one Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Combined Science). In addition, Greek is compulsory for Cypriot and Greek pupils.

Optional Examination Subjects: Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Combined Science, Drama, Economics, French, Geography, German, Greek, History, ICT, Literature in English, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology,

Compulsory Non-Examination Subjects: Citizenship, Physical Education

Study options

Study options
This program can be done
On campus



     All applicants sit an online examination. Interviews with prospective students and their parents or guardians, as well as copies of recent reports from a recognised school and a reference letter from their current Head of School, form an integral part of the admissions process. An Application Form must be completed after the initial enquiry.  All Application Forms must be accompanied by all the relevant documents which are specified.

    Campus location

    Paphos , Cyprus

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