Film production

Film production

College diploma
18 months
Processing time: 30 days
Application fee: CA$500
Intakes: January, April, July, October
International tuition: CA$53,616
Domestic tuition: CA$35,158

Program overview

The program covers various aspects of filmmaking, including writing and analyzing screenplays, developing storyboards, creating shot lists and preparing budgets and schedules. You will learn to shoot, direct, block, light scenes and capture audio, as well as assemble, cut and manipulate footage. Upon graduation, the Film Production Work Placement helps you experience the creative workforce through placement opportunities in Canada’s “Hollywood North.”

Study options

This program can be done
On campus



    Pay an application fee. Submit your online application form. You must have an Ontario secondary school diploma (grade 12) or its equivalent; if you are over 18 and not enrolling directly from secondary school you may be asked to take a mature student test. You also need to submit two short assignments: Movie Critique: Write a professional critique (300-500 words) about any feature length film, describing the film’s strengths and weaknesses and assessing its overall entertainment value. Storyboard: Dream up any film idea and develop a storyboard.