Medical Anthropology and Sociology

Medical Anthropology and Sociology

Master degree
12 months
Application deadlines: 1 April
Processing time: 30 days
Intakes: September
International tuition: €16,335
Domestic tuition: €2,083

Program overview

The Master’s programme in Medical Anthropology and Sociology (MAS) trains students to understand health, illness and the body from a social science perspective. During the programme students will look at contemporary global and local health problems, as well as key topics in social science. It enables students to deepen their knowledge of anthropology and sociology, while at the same time acquiring a specialisation in a health-related topic.

Study options

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Bachelor's degree Students with a Bachelor’s degree in medical anthropology and sociology or in another closely related discipline (such as anthropology, sociology, political science, medical sciences (health, medicine and biomedical), history or psychology). International degrees are evaluated on the basis of advice from professional diploma evaluators. The minimum level of the degree should be equivalent to three years of Dutch university education. Social Sciences All applicants are expected to have sufficient knowledge of social sciences evidenced by the completion of (the equivalent of) at least 18 ECTS credits during previous study. Research methodology Applicants should have a solid basis in both qualitative and quantitative social sciences research methodology reflected by the completion of (the equivalent of) at least 12 ECTS during previous study. Experience with the following research methods skills is required: Make a solid research design Understand advantages and disadvantages of different research methods and a mixed methods approach Develop and carry out (simple) surveys Interpret the results of surveys Carry out statistical analysis, preferably with SPSS or similar software Conduct interviews Analyse the results of interview Possibly use historical research methods for the purpose of triangulation. Grade average Study results obtained in previous education should demonstrate that a student is able to attain and maintain a good to excellent standard, especially in the field of medical anthropology and sociology. Undergraduate studies should be completed with an overall grade average of at least a B/3.0 (American system), second class, lower division Honours degree (British system), C (ECTS system), 7.0 (Dutch system) or equivalent. English language proficiency As the Master's programme will be highly demanding and fully taught in English, a high level of English language proficiency is expected of all applicants. All students must be able to read textbooks, understand lectures, take part in classroom discussions and give presentations in English.

Career opportunities

Medical anthropology and sociology is a dynamic field and one of the fastest growing specialisations in social science. There is an increasing demand for professionals who are able to work in multidisciplinary, problem-driven research and health interventions.