Bachelor degree
48 months
Processing time: 30 days
Application fee: €50
Intakes: October
International tuition: €9,950
Domestic tuition: €9,950

Program overview

The overall aims of the programme are to: > Provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment that gives the opportunity to develop potential; > Provide an up-to-date curriculum in psychology that emphasises the development of skills and knowledge related to the scientific and empirical aspects of the discipline; > Provide choice and flexibility in the curriculum while maintaining those core aspects of the syllabus needed to secure British Psychological Society recognition; > Foster the development of key skills that will facilitate further academic and vocational training and sub sequent employment; > Provide students the opportunity to get involved in research, in collaboration with research active psychology faculty, thereby learning first-hand about the scientific method.

Study options

Study options
This program can be done
On campus



School leaving certificate & mark sheet English language qualification (IELTS or IGCSE or any other equivalent) IELTS 5.0 or equivalent is required.

Career opportunities

Studying psychology provides you with a wide range of skills that span from both, the arts and the sciences. Therefore, this opens up opportunities with a wide variety of employers. Aside the professional (Chartered) roles available for graduates to progress onto, there is a range of graduate careers including roles in project management, data analysis, human resources, local authority and law enforcement. Other students undertake further training and consider careers in law, teaching, the Probation Service, speech therapy, social work, or other allied health roles.

Campus location

Larnaka , Cyprus

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