Classical Languages and Cultures

Classical Languages and Cultures

Bachelor degree
48 months
Application deadlines: 28 February
Processing time: 30 days
Application fee: $30
Intakes: Fall, Winter, Spring
International tuition: $22,598
Domestic tuition: $18,996

Program overview

Studying classics will teach you to think holistically about societies in the past. At the same time, you can see parallels in modern society. Our Founding Fathers looked to the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome to draft the documents by which we Americans live. Ninety percent of English words over two syllables come from Latin. The majority of medical and scientific terms are based on Greek and Latin. Classics can help you discover and rediscover new things in every aspect of your life.

Study options

Study options
This program can be done
On campus



    To apply to Wright State University, you must have earned a certificate of completion from a secondary education school that would allow you to attend university in your home country. You should have studied mathematics and science subjects at the secondary level. You must have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) and minimum score of English proficiency.

    Career opportunities

    After graduation, you will be equipped to look for employment in diverse fields and to move into different fields as your career develop. Possibilities include the following: Education Science and technology Museum work Writing and publishing Archeology Government and foreign service positions Business

    Campus location

    Fairborn , United States

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