Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Technical Design and Technology

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Technical Design and Technology

Bachelor degree
36 months
Application deadlines: June 30
Processing time: 30 days
Application fee: €23
Intakes: October

Program overview

The components making up this course can be categorized under the following headings: 1. Engineering Sciences and Visual Communication conceptual knowledge – Resistant materials, Electrical and Electronic Systems and Control and, Graphics This category provides the main space and time for developing knowledge about manufacturing processes, processes that control a technological function, and processes that are highly dependent on competency in a visual language rather than only a verbal or symbolic one. 2. Technological procedural knowledge (laboratory/workshop practice). This category provides the time and resources to support the engineering sciences mentioned in point 1. This category, together with the design category in point 3, provides the main channel for "doing technology". 3. Design principles and processes (conceptual and procedural knowledge). This category provides the main space for developing designerly ways of knowing and doing. It is one cross-curricular theme which will link most of the work done under categories mentioned in points 1 and 2. 4. Mathematics This is another cross curricular theme which will link most of the work done under categories mentioned in points 1, 2 and 3. 5. Field visits This category provides the space and time for industrial experiences or participation in community experiences which involve technology education, for example a yearly Design and Technology Expo for schools, a robotics competition, a roaming technology popularization team etc. 6. Technology studies. This provides the main space for reflective thought about technology and its possible social, political, cultural, environmental impact and how such issues may be permeated within a curriculum for school students, for the general public or other target audiences.

Study options

Study options
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To be registered as regular students in the Course, applicants shall, apart from satisfying the general requirements for admission as specified in the Admissions Regulations, be in possession of the following special course requirements: please see the full list of courses and extra requirements on the website.

Career opportunities

The concept behind this undergraduate degree in Technical Design and Technology is the liberal study of technology and the flexibility of employment. Within this degree, the learner develops foundation knowledge and hands-on skills about the domains of technological design and manufacturing processes, graphical communication, engineering drawing, electrical and electronic circuits, materials, mechanical structures and mechanisms. The degree offers opportunity to view technological products as user-centred and discusses the development of values related to technology and its uses by modern society. Apart from encouraging enterprising job initiatives, this degree is the ideal springboard for employment within professions that communicate technology such as the Masters in Teaching and Learning postgraduate degree in Education. Sectors of employment include: entrepreneurship and self-employment, design, education, product design industry, research including educational research, public relations, graphic design industry, manufacturing industry, furniture industry, building services, government agencies, industry representatives, corporate communications, advertising, media, administration, management, business and marketing.

Campus location

Msida , Malta

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