Mathematics Honours BA (Mathematics Major)

Mathematics Honours BA (Mathematics Major)

Bachelor degree
48 months
Application deadlines: March 1
Processing time: 30 days
Application fee: CA$135
Intakes: Fall

Program overview

Mathematics is a very diverse and intellectually stimulating field of study. In addition to our traditional Mathematics programs, we offer Mathematical Physics and the flexibility to combine your Mathematics degree with a degree in Education, Economics, or Physics. You will benefit from our small class sizes, world-class faculty, unique research opportunities, and the ability to pursue mathematical topics you find most appealing. Our graduates have gone on to pursue rewarding careers in both government and the private sector in research, leadership, and applied capacities. Our Mathematics Major has both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science option, depending on your area of interest and application. You can also choose to study Mathematical Physics, or combine your Mathematics degree of choice with a degree in Education, Economics, or Physics. This flexibility allows you to focus your education on particular topics starting in first year and graduate as an expert in the field. Our small class and lab sizes facilitate one-on-one time with educators. Our Department's intimate and interactive learning environment helps to refine your skills and abilities, allows you to explore new and emerging topics, and exposes you to unique research opportunities. You will get to know our faculty on a first-name basis and have access to them as mentors, educators, and practicing mathematicians. The Lakehead University Math Assistance Centre (LUMAC) provides free tutoring services for students enrolled in math courses, particularly first and second year courses. If you need clarification at any point, our LUMAC undergraduate tutors, graduate students, and faculty are available on a drop-in or online basis (via Skype) to help with homework and prepare you for success in any mathematics course. We offer Statistical Consulting Services for graduate and senior undergraduate students, researchers, and faculty to help with: Survey and experiment design Programming and computing Analyzing data Interpreting and presenting results If you are completing an Honours Thesis, this great resource allows you to take advantage of the wide range of expertise and lived experience available.

Study options

Study options
This program can be done
On campus



Successful graduation from an academic secondary school program or equivalent (For most countries, the same academic preparation as is required for university entrance in that country is required for consideration. Refer to Admission Requirements by Country.) Program specific prerequisite courses; Equivalent of a minimum 70% overall final average (Canadian) Note: Meeting the minimum admission requirements is not a guarantee of admission.

Career opportunities

Economist Financial Investment Analyst Statistician Teacher Media Buyer Market Research Analyst Accountant Research Mathematician Underwriter Public Health Statistician Cryptographer Physicist

Campus location

Thunder Bay , Canada

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